Dementia Patient Nursing Care

Dementia or memory loss is one of the most prevalent conditions of old age. Coming in terms with this condition is hard for both the patientand their family. We help patients with dementia live comfortably within the environment they are most familiar with- their own homes. This is important as the continuity and consistency of freedom and reliability of home is vital for the proper treatment and nursing care demanded by the condition of the patient. It is also equally soothing for the patient to be in company with their family, which has a therapeutic effect on the patient.

Alzheimer's Patient Nursing Care

Alzheimer's is a geriatric condition quite similar to that of dementia (but is different in many aspects). It's a progressive condition which, with time, leaves the affected people in need of support and constant monitoring to carry out even their day to day activities. Consistency is the most important part of any case but its importance is accentuated in this condition. Moving the patient into an unfamiliar environment like a hospital can have a negative impact, causing them distress confusion and discomfort. This affects their healing in an adverse manner.Hence the importance of Elite Health, where we step in to care your loved ones at the very comfort of your home. Our experienced nurses guaranteethe best nursing care they rightfully deserve in a gentle, soothing and compassionate manner, putting them at ease, gently guiding and assisting them through their day to day routine in the best possible manner.


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